• Reduce liability with video evidence
  • Human and/or vehicular traffic counting
  • Human and/or vehicular traffic stopped too long
  • Human crowd gathering or moving too quickly (panic situation)
  • Item left behind or removed
  • Human traffic in restricted area (during business hours)
  • Trespassing for security reasons (after hours)
  • Monitoring of lone workers or un-manned remote locations
  • Monitoring busy periods to ensure proper staffing levels
  • Monitoring for employee safety & procedural compliance
  • Reduce employee time theft
  • Monitoring site contractors (snow removal, landscaping)
  • Viewing any location from anywhere you have internet access
  • Notification in real-time (while an incident is happening)
  • Searching of video carried out in minutes

6G Video Solutions Inc. offers a solution that allows a business owner, manager or individual the ability to discern occurrences in multiple locations, at any time, without travel. Retailers can benefit with human traffic counting and comparing these statistics with daily sales. Notification can happen in real-time, allowing for proactive response as opposed to reactive. Video searching can be readily accomplished in minutes rather than hours or even days.

One of the most intriguing benefits of 6G's solution is that it can be connected to an existing video system. The analytic software can be obtained without having to replace an existing system. 6G Video Solutions can also provide the necessary hardware for a new system. The advantages of our solution are endless.

Our solution was, and still is, developed right here in Canada (southern Ontario) allowing for easier customization for your specific needs and possibly for others to make use of. If you do not see an industry sector or a specific application that pertains to you, please contact us for discussion.